The surface finish OSIS is an innovation developed by llot llov in Berlin and is 100% handmade.

The design studio acts on many levels. Their projects include interior design, design and production of serial products, individual pieces and conceptual events bordering on art and culture. llot llov offers the implementation of every step from research and design to product development and production oversight. Their products and interior designs are determined by the choice of materials and their specific composition.

The surface technique OSIS is another level of their work, developed in 2014. New colourful surfaces were generated for an interior project. Experiments were made by using different colours and salts on wood. Affected by the grain of the wood, liquid pigments would find its way through the fibers and create floating patterns on the surface. First time the process of the making was shown in Tokyo. BAtoMA invited Ania Bauer and Jacob Brinck to introduce the talents of salt to the public. In 2015 llot llov showed the process of OSIS to the German audience at IMM Cologne. Same year Gallery Bensimon and llot llov launched a table series for the Parisian gallery. Clients: KaDeWe, Gallery Bensimon, 3DApartments, Expo Nova.